Services and products

Our services

MNG Services offers a wide range of services for any mining exploration project. Choose our flexible and competitive solutions for your sampling, transportation, storage, and logistics needs.

Holding a staffing agency permit of the CNESST, we provide staffing of:

  • Sawyers
  • Laborers
  • Core logging and field technicians

Drill Core Sampling

Our turnkey drill core sampling service includes access to a saw room, pneumatic saws, cutters, and other necessary equipment and sawyers.

Space Rental

Our secure space rental service allows you to store boxes of drill core, waste rock, and pulp on our premises. The area is fenced and protected by video surveillance.

Outcrop Stripping, Cleaning, and Grooving

We conduct sampling on outcrops by stripping (using air or water), cleaning, and grooving for easier analysis.


We provide transportation services for various products related to mining exploration, both to and from your site.

Site Moving and Cleaning

We take care of the safe moving and cleaning of your mining exploration sites.

Drill Hole Location and Placement

Our expertise in mining exploration logistics enables us to locate and accurately place your drill holes.

Core Shack Rental

We provide access to a mobile or in-building drill core storage facility for your collected samples.

Drill Core and Rock Cutting and Polishing

We provide drill core and rock cutting and polishing services for use in auctions, presentations, and galas.

Drill Core Box Handling

We can securely handle and manipulate drill core boxes.

Our products

MNG Services offers various products and tools to facilitate your mining exploration projects.

Our easy-to-use and maintain pneumatic push saws allow for quick and precise cutting of drill core samples.

Our drill core storage facilities provide protection against weather elements for your collected drill core samples.

We are also able to sell core boxes to our customers.

Efficiently transport your drill core samples with our handling carts.

Our spacious and ergonomic logging table facilitates the analysis and description of drill core samples.